Available Wednesday to Friday  830am-11am

Saturday & Sunday  8am-11am

Rise and Shine  14

Two eggs with toast, homemade baked beans and your choice of bacon or sausage

Toasted Bagel

A Canadian classic with lashings of cream cheese. Your choice of:

     Plain  6.5    

Herb & Garlic  8.5

Bacon  12

Bagel BELT  14

Toasted buttered bagel topped with smokey bacon, scrambled egg, lettuce and tomato

      Add cheese for $1

Add hollandaise for $4 (Sat & Sun only)

Breakfast Nachos  15

Tater tots, cheese, capsicum, onion and bacon topped with homemade tomato relish

Add jalapeños for $2

Blueberry Crumble Bread  8

Homemade blueberry crumble bread served with a side of butter

Toast with Butter  4

Your choice of sourdough or fruit toast. Substitute rye toast for $1

Classic French Toast  15

Three pieces of bread dipped in a cinnamon egg batter, toasted and served with real Canadian maple syrup. Your choice of bacon or sausage

 Bacon & Egg Roll 9.5

Smokey bacon and fried egg on a toasted brioche bun served with your choice of tomato or barbecue sauce

Add cheese for $1

Sub tomato relish for sauce $1



Fluffy buttermilk pancakes with real Canadian maple syrup and your choice of bacon or sausage. Enjoy the classic, or go all out and add your choice of filling

Classic  15

Banana  17

Blueberry  16.5

Top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for $2

Add eggs $2.5 

Hunger Buster  25

 Two eggs, toast, bacon and sausage, tomato relish, sautéed mushrooms, tater tots, homemade baked beans and a buttermilk pancake with real Canadian maple syrup. Substitute pancake with sourdough french toast for $2

Brekky Wrap  15

Smokey bacon, 2 scrambled eggs, homemade tomato relish, lettuce and aioli in a sun-dried tomato wrap. 

Add sautéed mushrooms $4

Add cheese $2

Brekky Poutine  18

Tater tots, cheese curd, poutine gravy, bacon, eggs. Breakfast of Champions!    


Two egg omelette served with toast. Your choice of filling;

Classic: Ham, shallots, tomato, cheese  11.5

Canadian: Bacon, mushroom, capsicum, cheese  15.5

B.T.A: Bacon, tomato, arugula, cheese  14.5

Add a side of tater tots for $4  

Add a side of homemade baked beans for $3.5

Add side of homemade tomato relish $2

Good For The Heart  11

Homemade baked beans with bacon atop toast

Eggs Benedict (only available Sat & Sun)

Two soft poached eggs, arugula, and our homemade hollandaise stacked on toasted thick-cut sourdough

bread with your choice of smoked salmon or bacon.         

Salmon 19 (currently unavailable)

Bacon 17

Add sautéed mushrooms $4

Add side of homemade tomato relish $2

Morning Glory  19

Two eggs with rye toast, bacon and sautéed arugula, mushrooms and tomato relish   

Veg’n Out  14 

Sautéed garlic mushrooms, arugula and tomato tomato relish with toasted rye bread. Add eggs for $2.5    

Mini Molly’s & Mini Dooker’s (<12)

Classic: One scrambled egg and a piece of toast   5

Aussie: Buttered toast with a side of vegemite   5

Pancake: One classic pancake with a side of table syrup   5

Please inform you server of any allergies prior to ordering

Scrambled eggs additional $1

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