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End of Year Celebrations

Silly Season at Mollydookers

Mollydookers has the ability to host your end of year functions they way you want it - creating special order platters, gourmet buffets, one-of-a-kind plated dishes and homemade sweets to suit.

We have 2 options that are most popular during this season at Mollydookers, our Chef's Selections and our pre-ordered selections. 

Chef's Selections

 The Chef's Selections is our most popular menu by far and reflects our food the most. It is a price-per-head menu where the amount of people you have with your party dictates how many courses / the style of foods served. It really does mean the more the merrier.

We pick our most popular items, the crowd favourites, and run platters of them down the centre of the tables. It's like a gourmet buffet that you don't have to get up for. Everyone can take what they like, and leave what they don't. For those with dietary restrictions, we make them their own plate when necessary. 


For a group of 20people the Chef's Selections menu generally start at $25pp, although we always do our best to work within any budgets

Pre-Ordered Selections

Another option is to simply pre-order off our regular menu. It ensures everybody gets what they want, but in an efficient manner on our end as Christmas is a very hectic (and merry) time.


Generally, we try to get groups of 15people or more to pre-order. As a group, you can select the time your meals are to arrive at the table, and it allows more time for socialising until the meals arrive. 

We have made a pre-order form to help guide you through the process of pre-ordering. Click the link below to download, or contact us at the cafe to have one sent directly to your email.

We have also linked a Covid Sign-In Form. As is our new 2020 'norm', we need all customers to register their details with us. With large groups it takes a long time, so we recommend having your guests pre-fill their details so when you arrive the only thing to worry about is what drink to enjoy first!

For function or catering inquiries, please contact Alana or Mike

(07) 4126 1114

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