Soft Drink

Coke, Zero, Diet Coke, 7up, Fanta, Ginger Ale, Solo, Soda, Tonic

Canada Dry Ginger Ale

A&W Root Beer

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks



Apple, Orange, Cranberry, Pineapple





Iced Drinks

Iced Coffee or Iced Chocolate (with milk, ice cream and cream)

Iced Latte (with milk and ice cubes)    

Arizona Iced Tea (500ml)


Moo Milk Chocolate or Strawberry

Pop-Top Juice; Apple or Orange



Regular or Large


Choose from Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Caramel


Caramello: Choc-caramel milkshake topped with whipped cream and caramello chocolate pieces

Oreo:  Cookies and cream milkshake topped with whipped cream and Oreo pieces


Extras:       Add malt   and/or   thicken it up!


Sober Sunday

Pomegranate, cranberry juice, lemonade


Juicy Julep

Muddled mint and lime with orange juice, pineapple juice, pomegranate and ginger ale 


Citrus Fizz

Orange juice, soda water, lime juice and bitters

Lemon Lime & Bitters

Muddled lemon and lime with lemonade and bitters


Shirley Temple

Orange juice, 7up and raspberry cordial


Short Black

Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White, Long Black, Macchiato

Canadiana; two shots of coffee in a mug and topped with half hot milk, half hot water   

Chai Latte

Affogato; short black served with vanilla ice cream

Baby Cino


Loose leaf tea in a 350ml teapot. Caffeine free teas (cf)


Black Teas

Breakfast Blend; Choc Mintea; Earl Grey with Lavender; Sticky Toffee Pudding; Heavenly Rose; Mango; Chai        


Herbal Teas

Mollydookers Eh Grade (Rooibos & Berries; cf); Lemongrass & Ginger (cf); Peppermint (cf); 

Alpine Green Tea; Stress-Less (cf); Energy Boost (cf); After Dinner Blend (cf); Relaxation Blend (cf); 

Cold & Allergy Blend (cf)


50g gift boxed teas available for purchase - including many of the above listed, as well as

’Thank You’, ’Happy Birthday’, ’Pregnancy’ and ‘Breastfeeding’ teas


Stir creamy white, milk or rich dark Belgian chocolate into steamed milk for the ultimate in hot chocolate goodness

Powdered hot chocolate


Richland Pinot Grigio; VIC

   Light, crisp and refreshing with green apple and pear on the palate

Available in 170ml, 250ml or by the bottle

Haarka Sauvignon Blanc; Marlborough

   Classic Marlborough fruit notes with a melody of tropical white peach characters and fresh cut grass with lively acidity

Available in 170ml, 250ml or by the bottle

Zilzie Bulloak Sauvignon Blanc; VIC

Passionfruit flavours with a citrus finish

Available in 170ml, 250ml or by the bottle

Rhythm & Rhyme Chardonnay; SA

   Peach and melon flavours dominating with a hint of citrus and a clean, delicate finish

Available in 170ml, 250ml or by the bottle



Sheep Shape Rose; NSW

This pale salmon pink Rose has lifted citrus and strawberry perfumed aromas. light and zingy on the palate with tangy berry flavours

Available in 170ml, 250ml or by the bottle


House Moscato; AUS

Available in 170ml, 250ml or by the bottle

A by Arras Premium Cuvee; TAS

   Award winning with a refreshing citrus tang to the long finish. Hints of lychee and Tasmanian fruits with nutty tones         

Available by the bottle only




Enzed Pinot Noir; Marlborough

  A lighters style featuring dark cherry and plums with a subtle herbiness

Available in 170ml, 250ml or by the bottle

Santa Julia Malbec; Argentina

   Fruit character with aromas of ripe prune

Available in 170ml, 250ml or by the bottle


Hidden Story Merlot; VIC

   Luscious ripe blackberry aromas leading to a plum and dark berry fruit palate balanced with subtle spice

Available in 170ml, 250ml or by the bottle

Bleeding Heart Shiraz; SA

Fruit, spices and oak on the nose, with dark cherries, raspberries and cassis on the palate

Available in 170ml, 250ml or by the bottle

Mollydookers ‘The Boxer’ Shiraz; SA

   This knockout combines McLaren Vale and Langhorne Creek fruits to create wine with many complexities

Available by the bottle only

Stonegate Cabernet Sauvignon; SA

   A perfect match with rich, hearty dishes, the upfront palate shows dark fruit characters, balanced beautifully with savoury note

Available in 170ml, 250ml or by the bottle

Mollydookers ‘Gigglepot’ Cab Sauv; SA

   This vibrant and elegant wine is sourced from a single vineyard in McLaren and layers sweet fruit with dark chocolate

Available by the bottle only

Mollydookers ‘Two Left Feet’ Shiraz Cab Merlot; SA

   Cherry, blackberry, plum and raspberry with vanilla and spice

Available by the bottle only




Light Beer

Prickly Moses Otway Light

Hahn Light

Heineken 0.0 Alcohol-Free Beer

Mid Strength

Great Northern Crisp

Burleigh Brewing's Mid-Tide Ale Can, 375ml


Hahn 3.5

Heavy Beer

Hahn Ultra Crisp

Stone & Wood Cloud Catcher Australian Pale Ale

Coopers Pale Ale

Moon Dog Beer Can, 375ml

Great Northern

Monteith's Phoenix IPA


Canadian (Canada) 

PABST Blue Ribbon Cans, 375ml (USA)

Coors (USA)

Miller Genuine Draft (USA)

Corona (Mexico)

Dos Equis (Mexico)


Monteith's Pear

Ohana Winery's locally made Cheeky Tiki Apple cider in Dry, Sweet or Passionfruit


Classic Mojito

White Rum, muddled lime, mint, sugar syrup, soda


Pomegranate Mojito

Infused strawberry-kiwi vodka, Soho lychee liqueur, pomegranate syrup, muddled lime, mint, soda


Limoncello Mojito

Ohana Winery’s local made limoncello, gin, mint, muddled lemon, soda


Pina Mojito

Coconut rum, muddled lime, mint, pineapple juice, soda


Classic Caesar

Canada’s most popular drink; vodka with spiced Mott’s Clamato


Molly’s Caesar

Amp up the classic by using Molly’s infused bacon vodka 


Canadian Caesar

Gin, celery salt rim, spiced Clamato, pickle juice


Sriracha Caesar

Like it spicy? This version is the same as our classic but with house infused spicy Sriracha vodka





Vodka, Kahlua, coke, full cream milk


Long Island Iced Tea

Vodka, gin, tequila, white rum, triple sec, lime, sugar syrup, coke

Molly’s Espresso Martini

House infused salted caramel vodka, infused vanilla vodka, Kahlua, espresso


North American Yellowbird

Spiced rum, vanilla galliano, orange Juice, 7up


The Icebreaker

House infused raspberry vodka, Soho lychee liqueur, 7up, cranberry juice


Alabama Slammer

Southern comfort, Sloe gin, amaretto, orange juice


Crazy Eyes

House infused redskin vodka, infused raspberry vodka, lime juice, Bundaberg creaming soda

Molly’s Tropics

House infused peach vodka, infused mango vodka, Bundaberg passionfruit, fresh lime 


Blue Hawaiian

Malibu coconut rum, blue curaçao, pineapple juice

Butter Nut Squirrel

Baileys, amaretto, butterscotch schnapps




    Canadian Club is the Foster’s of Australia - this is the rye Canadian’s ACTUALLY drink

Pike Creek

    Hand-made, aged in virgin white oak bourbon barrels and finished in vintage port barrels, it’s smooth and easy drinking on the rocks


Spice Box Rye

    Strong vanilla spice - beautiful in cocktails or for sipping


Collingwood Rye

    Toasted Maplewood Stave Finished - enjoy it on the rocks


Shelter Point

    At 46%, this small batch single malt is best enjoyed neat


Crown Royal

    Smooth and sweet - a Canadian favourite


Crown Royal Black

    Subtle smokey notes - great for sipping


Sortilege Canadian Whisky with Maple Syrup

    The perfect balance of Canadian Whisky with the distinctive flavour of maple syrup


Sortilege Maple Cream Liqueur

    A luscious blend of fresh dairy cream, pure Quebec maple syrup, and just the right amount of Canadian Whisky. Smooth and rich


Fireball Cinnamon

    Big Red drunk. Cinnamon Hearts drunk. First time drunk drunk




Absolut Vodka infused in house to create a range of flavours


Raspberry; Blueberry; Salted Caramel; Peach; 

Tuscany Dark Chocolate; Bacon; Strawberry-Kiwi;

Redskin; Vanilla; Mango; Passionfruit



Zubrowka Bison Grass, Absolut


Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Southern Comfort, Wild Turkey


Bundy UP, Bundy Red, Bacardi White, Captain Morgan Spiced, Malibu Coconut Rum


Johnny Walker Red, Jameson, Dimple 15yr


Gordon’s, Hendricks, Sloe Gin, Kalki Moon Premium Gin, Kalki Moon Pink Gin Liqueur


Jose Cuervo Especial


Baileys, Sortilege Maple Cream, Kahlua, Ohana Cold Drip Coffee, Frangelico, Licor 43, 

Wild Turkey American Honey

Check out the bar for our full range of liqueurs and spirits



Galway Pipe 12yr Tawny, Napoleon Brandy, 

Sortilege Maple Cream Liqueur, 

Ohana Winery’s Limoncello